Free Counselling

There is no cost for the 30 minute Emotional Health Check up. You don’t need a referral as we help you to work out the next step.  The appointment starts by completing questionnaires regarding your general and emotional health (allow about 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire).  The free service is limited to one face to […]

Become a Psychologist

Becoming a Psychologist in Australia requires a 4 year undergraduate degree in a psychology related field, plus postgraduate training or an internship.  There can be great confusion about registration. In part this may result from the Psychology Board determining the rules for registration, while the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and other such bodies provide information on “how” the government or […]

Counselling Techniques

Modern counselling approaches such as CBT, Mindfulness, or IPT, are well known to be equally effective as medication for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Most forms of depression or anxiety respond well to counselling, especially for individuals that can recall significant periods when there were no symptoms. Read More…

Mental Health

Life events such as the birth of a child, death of a relative, marriage and separation can cause a decrease in mental health as individuals and families become over-burdened with stress, change and the drain on resources due to these sorts of events. Most individuals recover well without counselling, but sometimes individuals become vulnerable due […]

GP or Specialist?

If you are a GP in our local area you may like to fax the mental health referral letter (under the better access initiative) to (07) 3420 5824.  Please remember that we do not need the mental health plan, unless the client consents to its release. We require a referral letter like the one you send […]

Interesting Topics

Psychologists and Counsellors usually study human behaviour, research, statistics and groups for 3-10 years before moving into private practice.  Most therapists listed on our website have studied counselling and psychology for a similar amount of time as a lawyer or doctor.   We often answer questions about what qualifications matter for counselling. To make selection […]